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off the shelf products was used in a senseless act of hate. we've contacted fbi and boston police and will assist to help identify the responsible parties. abc 7 spoke with officials and will have a live report coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00 with a surprising response, perhaps lack of response from investigators in boston. >> we have live team coverage of how the impact of the bombings now. abc 7 news is at a fund-raiser for the 11-year-old boy injured in the bombings. ama? >> i'm just a block from the site f you take a look behind me here, you can see lots of flowers, there were false reports that a suspect had been arrested. people here were relieved to hear that but that turned out to not be true.
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however, there have been a lot of developments in the investigation into whoever did this. >> law enforcement soursz tell abc news they now have a clear image of the man they're working to identify they believe could be the suspect. in a major break in the investigation you coming after the process of going frame by frame through more than 2000 images taken of, and in the crowds near the finish line. boston's abc station reporting that the key video leading to this suspect was captured on surveillance cameras outside of a lord & tailor department store. more evidence surfacing. the lid to at least one of the bombs reportedly found on a roof top, analyze add long with electronic components and slappel -- shrapnel from the
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blast. so many are still in mourning. hundreds gathered to remember the youngest of those killed 8-year-old martin richard. >> it's confusing and painful. we're strong. we're going to get through it. >> in massachusetts friends and neighbors are planning a vigil honoring the live of crystal campbell. >> on campus of boston university, students mourning over 23-year-old lindsay lu who lost her life as well. >> you can see investigators present here along the route and we've seen fbi agents out here all day in those white suits like you can see that gentleman there, standing. they used a fire ladder to get on top of a roof. taking a look at evidence, evidence bags and brought that back down so a lot of new developments today in the
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search for whoever made those bombs. >> one of the youngest victims is an 11-year-old martinez boy. aaron hern underwent a second surgery today. >> his family tells abc 7 news doctors are optimistic about the wound and will hopefully remove a breathing tube said. his mother says he's starting to remember things when he wakes up. laura anthony joins us where there is huge community support for the family. laura? >> that is right. efforts continue to grow here in martinez. the restaurant behind me is one example of having a fund-raiser tonight throughout the week. people here are lining up to support the herns. a young aaron hern is recovering, the community is doing its part to help the family.
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mike started a fund raise today for the herns designed to help them with extra expenses and recovery. for next five days 30% of the proceeds from customers mentioning aaron will go to his family. >> we want to raise money for them. and we're a local business and want to help out local people in the community. >> so far, locals are rising to the occasion. >> why do you think it's important the community rally around this young man and family? >> try to heal quicker, it's a tranl diwhat happened. >> the bay area based kinders restaurant chain is chipping in. starting sunday, it runs for five days, 15% of the proceeds from sales will good to the hern family. the offer good at seven locations in the east bay. customers must present a flyer.
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>> we've had people coming in this morning and asking when it s and they can tell people to come and there are a lot of people there. >> this is a wine bar in martinez, they will donate all proceeds from line bar sales to the family. this restaurant is one of a half dozen businesses doing their part. all of the information you can help is on our web site abc 7 thank you. >> if you'd like stho your support you can share this badge on your facebook page by going to 7 news. >> if you want to help victims of the bombings word is be careful that is the word
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dozens of domains were registered within hours. >> and stay with us for latest on the bombings you can get breaking alerts by following us on twitter on abc 7 news bay area. >> and the president will be there for a special report at 8:00 a.m. >> the president suffered a stinging defeat including an effort to expand background checks. and angry and frustrated president obama called it a shameful day in washington. >> what happened today was the preservation of the loophole that let's dangerous criminals buy gun was out a background check. it didn't make our kids safer. victory for not doing
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something that 90% of americans, 80% of republicans wanted to get done? >> two days after the parents of saratoga high school student made a public appeal, the office says they're getting more cooperation now from students. the 15-year-old girl killed herself after a photo of alleged sexual assault she was involved with was shared in text messages. aabc 7 news has the latest. >> the prosecution of three teen boys is underway in juvenile court accused of a sexual assault of saratoga high school sophomore audrie pott in an unsupervised party. >> we've done more search warrants so it's still continuing. >> sheriff smith acknowledges detectives knew the identity and were kicked off the team. but they have been campered by
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efforts to conceal or destroy evidence of photos allegedly taken where liquor was supposedly made available while parents were away. >> we didn't know we didn't get evidence out there. some were deleted images. there was an attempt to get rid of images. >> with the three boy as rested, her father hopes students will no longer be afraid to step forward with what they know. >> please come forward that. is what witnesses do. come forward to dot right thing. and we anticipate that will happen. these kids are good kids but they're scare ootd boys are facing charges that are adult in nature including distribution of child pornography and a kind of sexual assault too graphic to describe on tv but they're the types of crimes that state law does not require the boys be tried as adults. >> at and t offering a quarter
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million dollars to catch the vandal that's shot up trance formers in san jose. the sheriff says it's likely they're real yaitded because both occurred at about the same time, early yesterday morning. at and t restored all service to affected areas early today. the 250,000s adds ward is for the arrest and conviction of those response yinl. -- responsible. >> sky 7 over international study as kad my. crews respdeto a call of a student wounded by a stun gun. the school district says a girl brought the stun gun to skpool a boy trying to wres el it. pairnlts and police were called immediately. the district says it's taking disciplinary actions against the student who brought that gun to school. >> it's still breezy out there today fchl you have allergies you might be feeling it. >> yes. absolutely. >> spencer christian is off today, but sandhya patel is here now with the accuweather update. >> yes. tree pollen running high.
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we can't get rid of the breeze, gusts 25 to 30 miles per hour. skies are clear, you can see sunshine and pretty much for miles, san francisco now 64 degrees. it's 68 in san jose. view from our east bay hills camera is nothing but blue skies, santa rosa, 73 degrees, livermore, 68. temperatures from two to eight degrees warmer at this point. so we're starting to see temperatures rise. mid-50s to mid-60s, mid 40s to low 50s, into afternoon we're going to see warmer conditions inland. temperatures low 60s to upper 70s. wait until you can see the accu-weather forecast. i'll show when you it's going to feel like summer in a few minutes.
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>> google's fiber, ultrafast soofs it is open. the grand opening of the new exploratorium. after 4:30... >> on treasure i'll yanld, caltrans dumtz showed the agency ordered tests on broken bolts five years ago but the tests were never done. the story is coming up. >> and michael finney will answer your questions live here later, you can contact michael on finney abc 7. >> and taking a look live now at the san francisco sky way. traffic very heavy in both directions. particularly slow for drivers on the left-hand side creeping towards the bay bridge and folks on the right hand side of the screen making their way south and beyond. abc 7 news
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a san mateo county marriage be hailed a hero for getting a family out a burning house. the man getting ready for work. he heard his car alarm go off. he went outside ask saw his suv engulfed in flames and the fire spread to the garage. he ran back inside of the house, woke up his family. his wife and all nine kids were able tos escape unharmed. investigators still have not determined what cause that had vehicle to catch fire. >> microsoft signed paitent deal with one of apple's biggest suppliers and the samsung sfon slated to hit
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shelfs in just days. >> good afternoon. fox con parent has signed a patent licensing deal with microsoft. terms were not disclosed but reports estimate it to be the biggest patent deal to date and could be worth hundreds of millions of dollars per year, covering all products running on the android or chrome operating systems. provo, ut sut going to get google fine yerp. google going to awire the new fiber optics system making this the first time google is acquiring an existing network for google fiber. last week google announced austin, texas would join both kansas city and suburbs in getting fiber. chinese phone company going on a hiring spree. the ceo says it plans to fire
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over the next four to five years. >> stocks falling on disappointing corporate earnings. >> and a samsung gam lachlsy s 4 goes on sale next week. seven u.s. carriers and seven retailers will be offering newest smart phone. t-mobile will be selling the phone next wednesday, offering galaxy s 4 without a long term contract. sprint relesioning the phone april 27th. verizon wireless has not set a release date yet. carol, larry, back to you. >> thank you. >> there is lots of excitement
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today, all of the activity did slow down traffic this morning. >> the new exploratorium located on the embarcadero. amy hollyfield was in the middle of it all this morning. >> when doors of the new exexplo -- exploratorium opened the hope is that minds opened up, too. >> this is a perfect place to just do what they want to do. and explore, you can touch everything. >> it's been 15 years in the making and its new location is three times the sides of the old site. city leaders to gathered to celebrate the opening and dan ashley proudly served as mc.
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>> to see this is remarkable. it's really a new crown jewel for stit before doors open we got a tour and discovered how adults can act like children in here. >> we'd like adults to come and play and interwhere yacht and find that inner child to explore the natural fen nom non. >> they've figured out play to turn playing a video game into science. >> this is hard. it's about human ints yax. and human sense of behavior. >> there are 600 exhibits here including a chandelier full of algae. so much to see it might take more than one visit. >> this is bigger than the old exploratorium. i think we're going to be here
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all day. >> there are outdoor visits to explore as well. it will be open until 3:00 tonight. >> and here is a look at the live camera. a great day to be outside. and look at the bay from that view at pier 15. >> so go outside, inside, you can see the smiles of the kids that went rushing n they knew they're in for a treat. >> amy hollyfield had a big smile. >> yes. >> good stuff. weather is fan tafting. weather couldn't be better, temperatures came up a few degrees today. we're going to continue with the trend throughout the weekend. right now, live doppler 7 hd. you'll notice that it's clear across the entire bay area. we don't have rain in the forecast any time soon.
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and clear, cool overnight tonight. mild to warm pattern for the weekend. you can see area of high pressure just off the coastline. that is in control of weather now. we're going to see warm, dry weather developing. temperatures heading up. by monday, warmest weather so let's show you just san jose's temperatures trend over next several days. you'll notice 76 tomorrow afternoon. into sunld, up to 82 degrees by monday, flirting with 90 degrees so goitsing to feel like summer in parts of the bay area. 85 on tuesday, then a drop off wednesday down to 83 degrees, here is a look at overnight readings so this morning, didn't quite turn out to be freezing cold. it will be cool, clear, 45 in santa rosa. 52 san francisco.
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richmond. 48 in vallejo and san jose 46 degrees in livermore, tomorrow afternoon, enjoy sunshine. and mild to warm weather. 76 degrees in san jose in the south bay. 75 sunnyvale. gilroy up to 78 degrees, looking at low to mid-70s. palo alto, mountain view, 75. coast enjoys the sun. 63 in san francisco. in the north bay, santa rosea, east bay communities low to mid-70s so around where you should be at the time of the year. 74 fremont. inland areas close to 80 degrees there in walnut creek. accu-weather forecast, temperatures mid-80s by weekend. low to mid-60s coast side. temperatures there monday that
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is not a typo. 90 degrees by monday. that is what computer models are verifying. >> remarkable. >> yes. >> up next, actress jennifer aniston chatting about a newest off screen challenge. >> one mother's comments about sharing at school causing a huge response online
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a man found a sweet way to tell a boss he's quitting his job, pursuing his dream. >> he sent resignations to stanstead airport on a cake. >> chris's dream job wasn't his position as an agent but running his own cake business. and he is now living that dream as mr. cake. there, you can see it on the cake there. >> yes. excellent hand writing in icing. >> yes. >> i'm sure folks were happy to eat it yes. goodbye. yes. jennifer aniston's big challenge. >> here is today's on the red carpet report. >> the tragedy in boston has stars in shock. but with big events going on this week, many are still attending to show they aren't living in fair. like in new york city. robert de niro and other celebrities kicked off the
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tribeca film festival. >> we're out for you. you'll come out. we're out here right now because you know, we know how important to make right the rest of our days. >> the festival runs through april 28th. back here in hollywood, stars came out to support jennifer aniston with a lifetime movie "cally craze -- cally crazy". you won't see her in front of the camera. she's prot duser. >> the challenge was to create five films that were entertaining, inform tiff. >> funny man tracy morgan joining as this year's host of the bill board music awards saying quote how can you say no when prince is going to be there? sounds like fun. you can catch the show here on abc. >> still ahead on abc 7 news
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at 4:00 what messages said. >> i yim once belonging to christopher dorner is now up for auction. what the pawn shop wants to do with the money. >> trance forming a new exploratorium. amazing show you'll see tonight, how
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federal authorities say substance that is believed to be contained in receipters sent to president obama and a republican senator did test positive as ricin. further tests are being done. it's a poison sometimes lumped in with other agents and it can be deadly. abc news reporter with more now from washington, d.c.. >> in malmaryland letter was suspicious substances were discovered tlrk news comes that a letter to be delivered to the white house tested positive for ricin. >> any time a suspicious powder is located it's tested at remote sites to mitigate risk to recipients and general
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population. >> positive results came from tests in the field. all leters being tested again in a laboratory to get another result. in a statement fbi says the investigation into these leters remains ongoing and more leters stay mai still be received. there is no indication of a connection to the attack in boston. sources say they're postmarked out of memphis, tennessee dated april 8. a source says the mess message reads to be wrong and not expose it is to be a silent partner to its continuance, i am kc ask a prove this message. >> boy like to congratulate
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for this threat. >> also senate staff was leader given an all clear but after the boston letters, nerves were frayed. >> panic over the packages appears to be growing. some members are reporting suspicious packages in local district offices. >> and coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00 we'll have a live report from sacramento. we'll see how mail is delivered and screened every day at the state capitol. >> thousands turned out in london to say goodbye to former british prime minister thatcher. a horse drawn carriage carried her casket. thatcher had been called iron lady. most cheered but some called the event a waste of money. the queen made a rare public appearance. and members of the reagan administration led the u.s. delegation.
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security was heightened because of the boston bombings. >> funeral services took place for a young u.s. diplomat killed delivering textbooks in southern afghanistan. the 25-year-old walking from a base to a nearby school a week ago saturday two explosions went off. four other americans were killed among a 24-year-old from san jess yeah. >> las vegas pawn shop owner auctioning off a gun that belonged to christopher dorner. he went on a killing spree back in february. the owner says dorner sold him the resolver for $50 then went on a rampage. bids for the gun are over $2,000. the owner says he wants to donate to the families of the victims but a group raising funds says that money would not be welcome. >> today, three federal judges in the 9th circuit u.s. court
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placed california gay counseling ban on hold until they decide the case. that author says trying to convert gaze through therapy is harmful. >> there is harm to patients that go through gay conversion therapy. and there is no evidence it work autos we give people free choices, freedom of religion and speech. freedom of association the first amendment of the united states. >> the states of massachusetts and engineerth are trying to ban gay conversion therapy. >> a southern california gay couple sued a hawaiian bed and breakfast for denying them a room because they're lesbians. because her religious beliefs made her uncomfortable with same-sex couples.
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the judge ruled she violated public lodging law. >> we've been telling you about the grand opening of the new exploratorium on the water front. abc 7 is the science museum's official tv partner. >> this is a live look from our camera. we've got a look on our roof looking at the exploratorium. make it back up as well. there is some free light shows plan forward tonight and tomorrow. >> exploratorium moving to pier 15th. the facade will be trance formed by a light show. this shows just one part of the wild visual adventure. there is a company that made
4:36 pm
10 small rep ply kaz of the facade, they used natural phenomenon to create the affects. garth williams is creative director we're taking into account of building to wrap the light around the building. >> it's across the embarcadero from the building. the show yusz 11 super high powered projectors. the company says we'll look like it's woven into the skin of the building. >> the show takes place from 8:30 to 11:00 tonight and tomorrow night. it's cool. >> yes. all lit up of we've got a link about that on see it on tv. >> coming up the school punishing a kindergartener for something her parents are
4:37 pm
responsible for. >> today i'm still taking your questions so... you can contact me on and on twitter. i'll answer questions here, live later. >> live look from our camera, you can see sun sparkling on the bay. mild now. warmer weather is coming up. i'll have your weekend forecast preview coming up. >> another live look at afternoon kmu. it's hazy and traffic moving nicely in both
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a kindergartener in texas being punished for actions of her parents. officials gave the 6-year-old detention because she was repeatedly late. for two days she had to eat lunch alone staring at the wall. her dad saying the family struggling to adjust with a newborn at home. >> it was my responsibility to get her ready and get her to school. and you know, i failed in that responsibility a couple times told her we're sorry and you know it wasn't going to happen again. >> the family skporjz don't feel the school should punish kids for the mistakes.
4:41 pm
officials disagree saying since the policy has been put into place, tardies are down by 90%. >> that is harsh. yikes. >> yes. >> gorgeous weather out there. still breezy. >> the winds will be lighter tomorrow. and temperatures coming up a couple degrees. so we're going to continue to see numbers rising. live doppler 7 showing you clear skies and here is what it looks like across the country. minneapolis tomorrow, snow. 37 degrees, expect some rain and thunder possibly around st. louis. 74. 59 in new york if traveling to atlanta, 81 degrees, seattle, 51 degrees, temperatures you'll notice mild to warm pattern, sunshine from top to bottom. sunny skies there. los angeles is 80 degrees now here in the bay area. we're going to get close to 80s tomorrow, sunny skies from north to souchblgt 64 half moon bay. 78 napa, and antioch.
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we're going use oakland temperatures trend here, temperatures leveling off friday, saturday. only to rise sunday, 78 by monday up to 83 degrees. and then we're seeing temperatures coming down. we're seeing 90s into warmest valleys by monday this, is a bay side community. that is just a preview of the week ahead. >> all i can think about is the weekend. >> announcement from the federal government about oxycontin, one of the best-selling painkillers out there. >> if you teach your children to share why it could be the wrong message. >> i'm michael finney. if you miss a payment how long can a credit card
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a cars yn city, nevada boy will receive a long awaited bone marrow transplant
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tomorrow. we brought you the touching story of the 5-year-old last month. he was reunited with his 27-year-old brother from vietnam. his brother is a perfect match and came to be a donor. the transplant takes place at children's hospital, oakland. >> fda says it will not approve a generic version of oxycontin. it's one of the most abused prescription painkillers. in part because they can make it easy to snort or inject. fda decision means manufacturer woz have to develop their own abuse deterrent designs. the patent on the oxycontin expires tuesday. >> a report says complications following surgery leads to big profits for hospitals especially when the patient has insurance showing profit margins are 330% higher when a
4:47 pm
patient with private insurance suffers complications. profit margins for medicare patients are 190% higher. researchers do say these findings highlight the need for payment reform. >> some preschools turning years of parenting upside down teaching kids not to share. experts forcing a child to give up the toy gives the recipient a sechbs entitlement adding forced sharing sends a message everybody gets when they want, right now. >> one of the kids has a toy, someone else wants it wore not going to make them give it up until they're done. >> they're trying to get kids ideally not forced sharing but emp pathic sharing in a way that raises that give for the right reasons. >> critics fire back saying the last thing generation of entitled kids needs is
4:48 pm
encouragement to be selfish. >> michael finney is here now answering questions you've sent to him. and tammy asks how long is a company allowed to call you for a missing payment? they can keep calling you but can get get the money for you past four years in the state of california. however there, is a way you can stop the calls and instead get letters that is you write them a letter and say i am no longer accepting your phone calls, you can only communicate through mail, by law they have to shift over to mail. >> and ashley asking any good places in the bay area to buy nongmo food and produce? >> we're lucky in the bay area there are places. plet me start with rainbow
4:49 pm
grocery here in san francisco. they have a huge selection. good earth natural foods have a huge selection as well. whole foods says in five years you'll know everything you buy will be gmo free or not. >> ruthy says there seems to be a lot of counterfeit bills going around. what do we look for? >> we're seeing $10 bills counterfeit. it's very, very odd. this used to be 20s skpdz above. on a counterfeit bill the portrait is often lifeless, flat. seals on counterfeit bills may have broken saw tooth points.
4:50 pm
the lines are off in blur. and then, take a look at the serial numbers on a fake note they may be different color or shaped they're supposed to be the same color. numbers may not be uniform but they're on a real bill. and then, on a real bill, red lines in the note are embedded in the fibers if you take a look, you'll see that. on a counterfeit bill they're just printed on the surface. >> if we see your face? >> on one of the bills? >> i'm in the willing to say that. >> all right next on abc 7 news before the broken bolts on the eastern span of the bay bridge. why concern was back years. >> in more on a company to a big break in the boflt onbombings a battery made here in the bay area.
4:51 pm
talking to officials about contact with fbi. and it's a long held belief of women out there, now there is proof why women don't understand the opposite sex. those stories or next at 5:00.
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at 8:00, the middle and then, modern family at 9:00 followed by how to live with your parents for the rest of your life. you can watch one hour of nashville at 10:00 then join us at 11:00. >> caltrans documents show the agency was worried about those now broken bolts on the new eastern span of the bay bridge and we're live with the story. heather?
4:55 pm
>> caltrans works to find a solution on the failed bolts it's investigating why they snapped and says the bolts were in in a batch of 96. the supplier was dies oncorporation. a qp a long history in bridge building. but in 2008 they were exposed and could have been tested but were not. because of missing documentation they were heat tweeted twice and the second round might have made them brittle. >> right now there is a thorough investigation into what happened and what caused bolts to break wex know there was excess hydrogen. we're looking into what point this became a problem. >> documents show caltrans
4:56 pm
directed your floor to test the bolts. then, later the project director writes it does not require testing. >> at this point we're in the a position to comment until our conclusion is done. >> the first priority is fixing the problem. >> the focus is to come up with the best solutions that will give the performance that is required then, we're worried about cullibility later. >> one theory on the broken bolts is that hydrogen was allowed to get inside of the bolts and from rain water and able to them more susceptible to colting. caltrans says it could be
4:57 pm
until mid may to decide the fix on the bolts. once it made they'll know wlrnlt it will top on labor day weekend. >> is anyone saying what the likelihood on the timetable is? seems like it's running out of time to open on labor day. >> hard as we've pressed to try to get that answer is there a drop dead date, offer whether that date is just look, we're not going to be able to make i we can't get that answered. one week from today they'll be a meeting where a key player will be in attendance and promised we're going to get more information so perhaps that will help us dedesign the
4:58 pm
tea leaves a little bit better. >> it's scheduled to open on labor day, 138 days from now. stay with us for the very latest updates as construction continues. >> yes. >> hopefully we'll know more from next week. >> thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> thank you. could the trail to track down the boston bomber lead to the bay area? a local company's connections to the device. >> also five boys are arrested for a murder in the east bay. >> temperatures inching up, i'll let you know how this trend will continue as we hit the weekend. >> let's get right to the latest developments. a bay area company discovered
4:59 pm
a specialized battery was used in at least one of the devices. we'll have a live report. >> but first, confusion over reports that a suspect has been arrested in the attack right now, police are denying making an arrest. investigators continue to pore over photos and videos from the bombing two days ago. a politician says investigators saw the image of a man dropping off a bag. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> we have live coverage. abc 7 news with a possible connection to the boston bombings. >> let's begin in boston. abc 7 news reporter ama daetz reporting live. >> like you said there has been a lot going on hear in boston today. with a word that a suspect had been arrested and taken to the court house. people went to the court house. it turned out not to be true.
5:00 pm
while everyone was outside there was a bomb scare. so they had to evacuate the court house and now, this is happening we're supposed to be getting a news conference because of that bomb scare they had cancel that one that was supposed to take place here shortly. now, there is progress in the investigation. as you said, abc has learned that there is an image of a man dropping off a bag that police are look looking into, trying to figure out who that man is had and that man could be who is responsible. the investigation continues people here of boston continue to rally around each other and try to stay strong, and move forward. we are boston strong. this message from boft ron to the world as residents try to move forward after the bombing. >> this is

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